Stockbridge After-School Club

The Club is a registered charity that has provided after-school childcare at Stockbridge Primary School since 1990.

We have a small and dedicated team of staff all of whom are fully PVG checked and registered with SSSC. We also have an active Parent Committee who work closely with staff to ensure the Club meets the needs of all of its children.

Our most recent Care Inspectorate Report rated the Club as “Very Good” on care, environment, support, and staffing.

Our Service

We provide high-quality childcare in a friendly, consistent, and stimulating environment five days a week.

Children in P1 and P2 are collected from their classrooms by a member of staff each day. Children in P3 and above make their own way to the Club where they are met by a member of staff and checked off the daily register.

Children are given a healthy snack on arrival and fresh drinking water is always available.

If you have any specific questions about the Club please let us know.

Our Goals

We aim to provide high quality after-school and in-service care to children attending Stockbridge Primary School.

To do this we employ competent, qualified, and confident staff who have been appropriately vetted. Our staff respond to each child’s individual needs be they personal, emotional, or physical and do so in a safe and secure environment.

We provide activities and opportunities for play that stimulate each child at their own level, encouraging them to explore their creative self outside the more structured environment of school.

We want the children to get the most out of their learning experience and as such our focus is on child-led play experiences.

We encourage all children to take responsibility for themselves and their own behaviour, and to show consideration for other users of the Club. As part of this we ensure that children participate in decisions we make within the Club to help foster a sense of ownership of “their club”.

Our Policies

The Club has clearly defined policies and procedures that are available for parents to consult at any time.

Please contact the Club Manager if you wish more information about any specific policy.


Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of children within the Club.

Our staff are all trained in First Aid and a First Aid Kit is kept on the premises.

Our key health policies are:

If you have any specific questions regarding your child’s health, or care, at the Club then please raise these with the Club Manager to ensure all staff are informed.


We welcome participation from our parents and always appreciate your suggestions or feedback on the Club.

Please send us an email or speak to a member of staff if there is anything you would like to discuss regarding the Club’s activities.

We have an active Parent Committee and you are more than welcome to attend Committee meetings if you would like to become more involved.


We have a clear Behaviour Policy that aims to promote an atmosphere of care, consideration, and respect for everyone who attends the club.

As such staff and children have created a set of acceptable behaviour rules. These rules are displayed on the Club noticeboard for all children to see.

We recognise that poor behaviour can occur from time to time for reasons that are not always evident, and may be due to additional support needs. We will be as flexible and supportive as we can to accommodate such incidents.

However if your child’s behaviour poses an immediate danger to themselves, or to others, we will require that you collect them from the Club immediately. In exceptional circumstances, and only when all other attempts at behaviour management have failed, we reserve the right to withdraw access to the Club.

We also expect parents to conduct themselves in a respectful and polite manner at all times. Abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated and may result in access to the Club being withdrawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions about the club please get in touch.

How many children can attend the club?

The Club can take up to 30 children.

Are you a charity or a business?

The Club is a non-profit charity and is registered in Scotland as SC043519.

Although the Club employs several members of staff the aims and objectives of the Club are set by staff in partnership with the Parent Committee.

How do I pay my fees?

Payment should be made by standing order or Childcare Vouchers into the the club’s bank account on the 1st of each month.

Please remember to use your child’s name as a reference so that all payments can be identified.

How do I cancel?

Cancellation requests must be made in writing with a minimum of 4 weeks notice. Fees must be paid up to the cancellation date.

For in-service bookings we require at least 3 working days notice, subject to the club being able to fill the space. In the event that the club is unable to fill the space then payment is still due even if you are unable to attend.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment then please speak to the Club Manager immediately.

We do not want any child to miss childcare due to temporary difficulties and so we will take a flexible approach to minimise disruption.

If you do not communicate with the Club Manager then we will issue a reminder letter requesting payment. After two missed payments we will be required to withdraw your child from the Club.

Persistent failure to pay fees may result in us passing your debt to a collection agency. The cost of any such proceedings will be passed on as part of your debt.

What happens if I am running late?

We understand that parents may be late due to circumstances outside their control.

Please contact the Club on 07467 227 977 to inform them of this situation as soon as possible to agree a plan for collection.

The Club does not have access to the School grounds after 6.00pm however in exceptional circumstances staff will wait with your child by the School gates until you arrive.

The Club reserves the right to levy a lateness fee of £5 plus £1/minute if you fail to inform staff in a timely manner, are persistently late, or arrive after 6.00pm.

What happens if I can’t collect my child?

During registration all parents are required to nominate a friend or family member who is allowed to collect your child in an emergency.

Staff will always make enquiries regarding anyone they do not know before allowing a child to leave and will require a password to allow your named contact to collect your child.

If the person is not a named contact, or you have not informed the club that someone else will be collecting your child, staff will refuse collection and will attempt to contact you.

If your child is being collected by another child’s parent then you must inform us of this, just as you would for any other person you wish to collect them.

As such it is vital that you ensure the Club is kept up to date with your contact details.

The Club reserves the right to refuse anyone, including a parent or carer, to leave the premises with a child if they believe that they are incapable of taking care of the child at that time. In the unlikely event of this happening then our policy is that the School, Police, and Social Services will be informed.

If the Club is unable to contact you, or your named contacts, by 6.00pm then we will contact the relevant authorities to ensure your child can be collected in your absence.

Our overriding aim is to keep the children safe.