We offer a wide range of child-centred activities at the club that aim to enhance development.

All of our activities are planned with the input of the children and we are always open to suggestions or feedback from parents and carers.

Arts & Crafts

There are always a range of artistic activities within the club which the children find both enjoyable and engaging.

We believe that drawing, painting, and craft work are key in allowing children to stimulate their creativity and develop their imagination.

We don’t restrict this to the indoors and in the summer you will often find the children outside decorating the playground with their chalks, feathers, glitter, and paints as well.

Cooking & Baking

The children love to cook and bake with our team and we regularly come up with healthy options and treats to engage them in this fun activity.

This is a great way to help children build self-confidence and to practice the same numeracy skills that they are learning in school.

If you have any fun recipes at home that you think the children would enjoy then please let us know!

Imaginative and Free Play

Sometimes children just want to play alone and learn through their own experiences.

We encourage and support this by observing those children who wish to do this and offering resources to further their experience.

We understand that this is a fundamental learning experience in the life of a child that allows them to develop valuable life skills.

Outdoors and Nature

We encourage the children to make the most of the outdoors at the Club and will be out in most weather conditions, provided they are warm and safe!

The children are free to participate in all of our activities outdoors and we encourage free-flow play on a daily basis.

We also like to take advantage of the schools green space and are planning to set up a ‘bug hotel’ for the children to learn about the hidden wildlife that exists around their school.

Reading and Quiet Time

Sometimes children just want a quiet space to engage in activities such as reading, writing, or problem solving.

At the Club we have a wide range of books, writing materials, board games, and building/construction materials that allow the children to develop these key skills.

Risky Play

The Club is fortunate to have access to some excellent facilities within the school playground.

The children love exploring and experimenting with these, such as the climbing wall, under the supervision of our staff.

We encourage them to learn how to climb, swing, flip, and dismount by themselves as we understand that allowing children to safely explore risk is critical to building their self confidence and sense of accomplishment.


The children love sports activities and are constantly asking us to expand our programme to improve their skills through football, basketball, and tennis.

We will be further developing our sports programme with the children throughout the year and are looking into using local community resources to extend this further.


The children have expressed an interest in taking pictures or short videos and we are currently working on a programme to help them develop these skills and learn more about our local community.


The Club is situated right in the heart of Stockbridge, which gives us a beautiful community around us that we encourage the children to take part in.

We have joined the local library and the children are free to visit this with the staff to enjoy reading time, borrowing books, and participating in library events such as art activities.

Weather permitting we also make use of local parks and walks to further engage the children with nature.

Healthy Eating

The Club recognises the importance of eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

We have a Healthy Snack policy and provide a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables to choose from every day. Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

We encourage the children to learn about and make healthy choices for their snacks, and provide low-fat and low-sugar choices whenever possible. On Fridays we try to use up all of the food in the kitchen with child-led snack activities, where they can practise cooking or baking.

We work with parents to ensure that children with requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, or Gluten/Dairy-free are given something that is both safe and enjoyable.

Our typical weekly snack menu looks like:

Staff Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Leanne Crackers, Vegetables, and Dips Meringues and Fruit Nachos, Vegetables, and Dips Cereal and Fruit Child-led Activity
Aimee Toast and Fruit Fruit Kebabs Baguettes, Cheese/Meat/Vegetable Tapas, and Dips Apple Pie and Custard Child-led Activity
Penny Cereal and Fruit Waffles/Pancakes/Crumpets and Fruit Yoghurt and Fruit Breadsticks, Vegetables, and Humous Child-led Activity